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Note: Due to lack of time, I am currently way behind in new trail report postings. You are welcome to still submit your hiking reports but it will be a while before you see them posted. I am still committed to improving and expanding the site, but progress is going to be slow for a while.

Your contributions are welcome! We want to have trail stories covering the entire New England area and it doesn't matter if a trail has already been reported on... different perspectives are encouraged. Plus the trails can be quite different from season to season, and even from day to day. We welcome everything from short easy woods walks to long grueling backpacks over mountain ridges.

Just email a trip narrative and optionally photos to Submit Trail Report. You may notice that most of the trail pages have a lot of summary-type information at the top as well as driving directions at the bottom – don't worry about including all that unless you want to – I can take care of those little details (provided the hike is well-known enough to be in one of my reference books or maps). I will edit the reports, so no need to worry if spelling or grammar isn't your strong point. The goal of HikeNewEngland.com is to provide a fun and easy way for you to share your trail adventures with others.

We've made trail reports free-format to make it easier for you to submit them, rather than having to fill out a lengthy form. In fact, if you've already written your adventure in another application, you can just copy and paste it right into the email message.

We also welcome any kind of Articles relating to nature, hiking, or backpacking – basic or advanced. This is a recent addition to the site... help make it grow by writing your own article. Possible subjects include advice on different aspects of hiking or backpacking, history of various natural areas, descriptions of flora and fauna, etc.

As time goes on, the site will be expanding to include much more than just trail reports. A nature guide is planned and possibly eventually a forum and a way for people to meet up for hikes. If anyone is interested in writing about a specific species (tree, plant, animal – whatever), I will make it a nature guide topic.

So if you like nature and hiking or snowshoeing and enjoy sharing your experiences – we are the website for you! HikeNewEngland.com gets a large number of hits everyday so there's an audience eager for this type of information. Having your adventures on a public website is also a great way to share your stories with friends and family.

Submit trail report or nature topic or hike/nature article

Purple-flowering raspberry (photo by Webmaster)
Purple-flowering raspberry (photo by Webmaster)

Below is a list of reminders that you might want to include in your trail report to make it more complete and helpful to other surfers. And don't forget to include the trail narrative – this is the part that appears under the "Trail Guide" section and is a description of the hike in your own words.

Submit trail report or nature topic or hike/nature article

Pitcher plant at Ponemah Bog (photo by Ben Kimball for NH Natural Heritage Bureau)

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