Peaked Mountain Loop

Mountain:  Peaked Mtn. (1227')
Trails:  Roslyn's Turnpike then Bernie Avenue, Ruth's Mountain Road, Valley View, Kevin's Road
Region:  MA - Central South  
Peaked Mountain Tract
Location:  Monson, MA
Rating:  Easy/Moderate  
Features:  Summit, views, pond, loop hike
Distance:  2.0 miles  
Elevation Gain:  470 feet (cumulative)  
Hiking Time:  Typical: 1:15  
Outing Duration:  Actual: 2:00   Typical: 2:15  
Season:  Spring
Hike Date:  04/07/2008 (Monday)  
Last Updated:  03/01/2009  
Author:  Roy Schweiker

Route Summary   

Peaked Mountain, near the Connecticut border but located in Massachusetts, can be reached via this pleasant loop hike. From the summit are wide easterly views of largely forested countryside and rolling hills.

  • Start on Roselyn's Turnpike, following signs to keep to this trail through several junctions.
  • After about 0.5 mile, turn left onto Bernie Avenue.
  • Follow Bernie Avenue for about 0.1 mile where it will end at a T-junction with Ruth's Mountain Road.
  • Turn right onto Ruth's Mountain Road and follow it for about 0.3 mile to the summit of Peaked Mountain.

  • After enjoying the summit views, head off the mountaintop in a southerly direction to descend via Valley View.
  • After about 0.3 mile you will reach Valley View Lookout which gives you views westerly towards the city of Springfield.
  • Continue along the trail, turning right at trail marker #11, then left at trail marker #10. After about 0.3 mile you will encounter the junction of Roselyn's Turnpike and Bernie Avenue which you passed through during the ascent of the mountain.
  • Turn left onto Roselyn's Turnpike and retrace your steps for only about 0.2 mile until reaching trail marker #5 and the fire pond.
  • Rather than returning directly back to the parking area, head out for another small loop by going straight/left towards Kevin's Road.
  • After about 0.1 mile turn right at trail marker #3 onto Kevin's Road.
  • After a bit more than 0.1 mile from this point, Kevin's Road will bump into Roselyn's Turnpike.
  • Turn left and follow Roselyn's Turnpike for less than 0.1 mile back to the parking area.

Place         Split
Roslyn's Turnpike trailhead 0.0 0.0
Peaked Mtn. summit (1227') 0.9 0.9
Roslyn's Turnpike trailhead 1.1 2.0


Trail map of hike route to Peaked Mtn. in Monson, MA (map courtesy of The Trustees of Reservations)


  Trail Guide   

For this hike to Peaked Mountain, I easily found The Trustees of Reservations preserve parking lot. A couple other cars were in the lot and I met two guys with a dog coming down.

I went up Roslyn's Turnpike then Bernie Avenue, then along the ridge to the summit. All of these trails were wide and gradual with a bridle path feel. The summit had a rock outcrop and a big easterly viewpoint. A woman arrived shortly, and then a guy with a beagle.

I found a BM (Bench Mark) on the summit and RM3 (Reference Mark) and a stub of RM1 but not RM2 or a drill hole. What are bench marks and reference marks? They are points marked by the National Geodetic Survey, usually indicated by a metal disk in the ground. Bench marks have a triangle engraved on them and usually indicate latitude and longitude and/or elevation. A bench mark designates a location with a high degree of accuracy. Reference marks will have an arrow rather than a triangle with the arrow pointing in the direction of a nearby bench mark. Reference points serve to help find or reestablish bench marks.

Leaving the summit, I found an ordinary trail heading south from the viewpoint and followed it to the bottom of the summit cliffs. The trail leads south, then west to the Valley View viewpoint which looks out to the west. Next I traversed a long level section through the woods. Finally I turned left to descend on Roslyn's Turnpike. I turned left again at the fire pond and followed Kevin's Road back to the car.


MA - Central South

  Driving Directions   

Peaked Mountain is located in Monson, Massachusetts and is a property of The Trustees of Reservations.

From the Mass Pike (I-90):
  • Take Exit 8 and then follow signs in order to pick up Rt. 32 South towards Palmer.
  • Travel on Rt. 32 South for approximately 5.5 miles.
  • In front of the Monson Library, turn right onto High Street.
  • Immediately turn left onto Ely Road.
  • After about 1.3 miles on Ely Road you will reach a stop sign.
  • Proceed straight/right onto Lower Hampden Road.
  • Follow Lower Hampden Road for 2.0 miles then turn left onto Butler Road.
  • Travel on Butler Road for 1.2 miles then turn left into the main entrance of the Trustees Peaked Mountain Tract.
  • There is room for about 20 cars to park.

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