Peaked Hill Pond

Destination:  Peaked Hill Pond (1200')
Trail:  Peaked Hill Pond Trail
Region:  NH - Central West  
White Mountain National Forest, Moosilauke Region
Location:  Thornton, NH
Rating:  Easy  
Features:  Pond
Distance:  3.4 miles  
Elevation Gain:  380 feet (high point minus low point)  
Season:  Winter
Hike Date:  02/16/2002 (Saturday)  
Author:  Webmaster
Companions:  SDHers: Rich, Anne, Dennis, Dave, Kristen, Sal, more

Route Summary   

Follow Peaked Hill Pond Trail to Peaked Hill Pond and return via the same route.

Peaked Hill Pond (photo by Webmaster)


  Trail Guide   

Peaked Hill Pond (photo by Webmaster) Armed with assorted gear, including snowshoes, crampons, sleds, and ski poles, 8 SDHers showed up for the last hike of the season. Sal opted for snowshoes while most of the rest of us had either crampons or StableIcers. Kristen started with crampons but shortly changed to snowshoes since her crampons weren't cooperating.

The first half mile was over yucky, broken-up, crusted snow which made walking a bit difficult. Also along this section was lots of tubing strung through the trees for maple sugaring. There was a man there working, getting the taps ready to insert into the trees. After the gradual half mile climb, we broke out into a big field, bordered on one side by Mud Pond. From here on, the going was very easy since we were walking on a groomed snowmobile trail (so much for trying to pick a trail to avoid snowmobiles).

Peaked Hill Pond (photo by Webmaster) We were lucky that the motorized traffic was low. We stood aside for 2 parties of snowmobiles and 1 group of ATVs - other than that, we had the place completely to ourselves. After a mile of easy walking, we left the groomed trail and quickly descended to the shore of Peaked Hill Pond. We hung out in a lovely grove of towering evergreens while enjoying the view of Peaked Hill standing above the far shoreline of the pond. Rich was more adventurous than the rest of us and walked towards the middle of the pond on the ice. I'm happy to report that he returned to us without falling through.

It was basically a warm, overcast day, with a chilly yet invigorating breeze coming off the pond. Anne passed around yummy heart-shaped sugar cookies that her daughter made. I ran around taking photos to see if I would find any more ghosts. The week prior when I checked out the trail, the pictures I had developed showed a bunch of "fog" even though there was no fog. I figured they must be ghosts but I guess traveling in a group scared them away because there was no "fog" in the second batch of photos that I got developed.

For the hike back, I unfurled my sled and took advantage of the wide, groomed trails. I really was in control of the sled (except when Dennis pushed me), but nevertheless, I inspired my fellow hikers to jump off the trail as I came barreling down the hillside. What an efficient and fun way to descend - too bad we couldn't do that on all our hikes!

NH - Central West

  Driving Directions   

  • Take exit 29 off of I-93.
  • Follow Rt. 3 North.
  • 2.3 miles from the highway, (at the Shamrock Motel), turn left onto Peaked Hill Pond Road.
  • After 0.4 mile, bear right and the road will dead-end at the trailhead.

Desc (photo by Webmaster)


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