Bridal Veil Falls via Coppermine Trail

Destination:  Bridal Veil Falls (2100')
Trail:  Coppermine Trail
Region:  NH - Central West  
White Mountain National Forest, Cannon-Kinsman Region
Location:  Franconia, NH
Rating:  Easy/Moderate  
Features:  Waterfall, cascades, brook
Distance:  5.0 miles  
Elevation Gain:  1110 feet (cumulative)  
Hiking Time:  Actual: 2:14   Typical: 3:00  
Outing Duration:  Typical: 5:00  
Season:  Summer
Hike Date:  07/13/2002 (Saturday)  
Last Updated:  02/10/2009  
Weather:  70 degrees, warm, humid, but with a light breeze
Author:  Webmaster

Route Summary   

This is a hike to Bridal Veil Falls and a small pool that it empties into to. The pool area is wonderfully lush and shady and a good place to escape to on a hot summer day.

  • From the junction of Route 116 and Coppermine Road, continue down Coppermine Road on foot for 0.4 mile.
  • Bear left off the road and onto a woods trail where there is a hiker logo sign and yellow blazes.
  • After 0.6 mile, the actual trail, Coppermine Brook will come into view on the right.
  • Keep climbing for another 1.3 miles at which point you will cross a bridge over Coppermine Brook.
  • Just 0.2 mile more and you reach the end of the trail where there is a pool of water with Bridal Veil Falls above it.
  • Return by the same route.

Place         Split
Jct. Route 116/Coppermine Road (994') 0.0 0.0 0:00 0:00
Jct. Coppermine Road/Coppermine Trail 0.4 0.4 0:08 0:08
Coppermine Brook 0.6 1.0 0:19 0:27
Bridge 1.3 2.3 0:40 1:07
Bridal Veil Falls (2100') 0.2 2.5 0:06 1:13
Bridge 0.2 2.7 0:06 1:19
Jct. Coppermine Road/Coppermine Trail 1.9 4.6 0:15 2:06
Jct. Route 116/Coppermine Road (994') 0.4 5.0 0:08 2:14


  Bridal Veil Falls (photo by Webmaster) Trail Guide   

This is an easy, pleasant trail that leads to a pretty waterfall and cascades, feeding into a pleasant little pool.

Leaving your vehicle, continue walking straight down Coppermine Road, which is lined with towering pines. After almost a half-mile, the "trail" leaves the road and enters the woods. There is a hiker logo sign here along with a few boulders preventing vehicular access to the trail.

The trail remains a wide path for most of the climb and is well marked, although there are other intersecting, unmarked trails. One of these unmarked trails leads over to Mount Kinsman Trail at some point below Bald Peak.

A mile into the hike, Coppermine Brook can be seen to the right and continues alongside the trail for the rest of the way. There are many lovely spots next to the brook where one could easily spend the day, enjoying the shade of the big trees and listening to the babbling brook.

Just a quarter mile before the falls, the trail takes you over a little bridge, and the path narrows after that. There was some artist's fungi on some downed trees just after the bridge. This is a neat type of shelf fungus that reminds me of chocolate - the middle section looks like milk chocolate, then that's outlined by a band of what looks like dark chocolate, and finally an outer strip of white chocolate.

"Rock-eating" tree (photo by Webmaster) A bit after that on the left side of the trail is a big old tree growing around a rock. And on the right are lots of lush mosses and, farther back, neat rocks. I spent a long time in this little section of the trail taking in all the wonders. There is also a shelter on the left-hand side of the trail.

Shortly before reaching the falls, you must step across the brook to get on the "island", where the stream encircles a patch of land on both sides. Walking straight up the middle of this island, you reach a pool of clear water. Feeding into the pool are cascades, and higher up, Bridal Veil Falls - which truly does look like a bridal veil. This is a pleasant spot to stop and enjoy; but if you're more adventurous, you can also make your way up to the foot of the upper waterfall.

I crossed the pool at a rocky section that almost forms a bridge and then hiked up along the left-hand side of the open, ledgy area. Up a bit, there's another pool; and up higher is another pool that Bridal Veil Falls empties into. I spent a lot of time exploring this area too. It is beautiful with lots of neat rocks and a peaceful setting.

Looking down to a pool from falls area (photo by Webmaster)

Coppermine Brook (photo by Webmaster)


NH - Central West

  Driving Directions   

The Coppermine Trailhead is located on the east side of Route 116 at Coppermine Road in Franconia, New Hampshire.

From I-93:
  • Take Exit 38 off of I-93. The exit is signed "18, 116, 117, 142, Franconia, Sugar Hill".
  • Turn west which will be towards Routes 18, 116, and 117.
  • After barely 0.1 mile you will reach a flashing traffic light in downtown Franconia which is the junction of Routes 18 and 116.
  • Go straight through the intersection (after stopping at the light) onto Rt. 116 and follow that road for 3.4 miles.
  • Turn left onto Coppermine Road and park close to Rt. 116.

From the Jct. of Routes 112 and 116:
  • From the junction of Routes 112 and 116 in Easton, head north on Rt. 116.
  • The trailhead will be on the right 3.0 miles after passing the town hall in Easton center.
  • Turn right onto Coppermine Road and park close to Rt. 116.

Trailhead and parking:
  • After turning onto Coppermine Road, park as close as possible to Rt. 116. Don't bother driving farther down this road as it is a private development and trail parking is not allowed elsewhere.
  • The "trail" follows Coppermine Road for 0.4 mile before turning onto a woods road.

Pool and Bridal Veil Falls as seen from end of Coppermine Trail (photo by Webmaster)



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