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Legend for Hiking Characteristics

Purple avens along the trail into Hurlbert Swamp (photo by Ben Kimball) This section of the site provides explanations for hike characteristics listed on the home (Hike Finder) page and in the summary table found at the top of the hike reports. You can click on items in the "Legend" navigation box to the left to find detailed information, or read below to get an overview of what each section will cover. Clicking on a section header will bring you to its detailed page.

The Legend navigation box can also be found to the right of the summary table on the hike report pages. Certain legend pages may be accessed by clicking on the help buttons ("?") both within the summary tables and also on the Hikes page in the heading of the guides listing.

Difficulty Rating:   Describes how difficulty ratings are assigned to a hike.

Hiking Time Comments:   Explains the many factors involved when planning how long to allow for your outing.

Hiking Time Calculator:   Uses hiking distances and elevations along with your walking pace to determine how long it will take to hike a certain route.

Actual vs. Typical Hiking Times and Outing Durations:   Describes the differences between times spent walking on the trail vs. the total time for a hiking outing. It also discusses the difference between actual and estimated values.

Distances of Hikes:   Explains how hike distances are determined and how different options allow for modifying a route's distance.

Elevation Gain/Loss:   Explains a couple of different ways to calculate elevation gain and also discusses elevation loss.

New England States and Regions within each State:   The New England page shows a map of New England allowing you to click on any state. Each state page has a map showing the different regions along with the major highways. A short description for each region gives you a taste of what type of hiking to expect in that area.

Dates Comments:   Discusses the interpretation of hike dates and seasons.

Map Comments and Legend:   Discusses the accuracy of trail maps on this site and provides a legend for commonly-used designations on the maps.

Stone wall on Pack Monadnock (photo by Mark Malnati)


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